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Long-Term Results of Optimized Focal Therapy for Prostate Cancer
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Male Lumpectomy: Focal Therapy Is The Future Of Prostate Cancer Treatment
Irreversible Electroporation: Implications for Prostate Ablation
Radiorecurrent Prostate Cancer: An Emerging and Largely Mismanaged Epidemic
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Welcome to The Center For High Risk &
Recurrent Prostate Cancer


December 5, 2014 - Dr. Onik presented the long-term results for patients treated using his approach to Prostate Focal Therapy at the Annual Convention of the Radiological Society of North America and his data shows dramatic advantages over conventional treatments including radical prostatectomy.
Press Release . 

July 11, 2014 - The Journal of Men's Health has published a first of its kind peer-reviewed report of the long term results of Dr. Onik's work in Prostate Focal Therapy using Targeted Cryoablation - and the conclusions are - "the long-term cancer control results of focal cryoablation appear superior in medium- and high-risk patients to radical whole gland treatments."  

April 3, 2014 - Dr. Onik has published an article for all prostate cancer patient's describing the long term results of his work in Prostate Focal Therapy using Targeted Cryoablation - and the results could change the way men think about treating their Prostate Cancer.
The implications of Targeted Cryoablation for high-risk and moderate-risk prostate cancer cases are  extremely compelling because they demonstrate that the long term Biochemical Disease Free Survival rates for these groups of men are twice (2x) the published rate of other therapies, with far lower quality of life impacts.

Click below to download an easy to read published article for all patients describing this vitally important work. - What you learn may very well effect the rest of your life. Download Now.  Then come back here to read all about the background and details of this critically important tool, as well as the history behind its development and its inventor.

We hope this helps you - that is why we are here!          


Our Mission is to offer the most advanced treatment options to men who have high risk prostate cancer or who have suffered a recurrence of their prostate cancer.

If you have been advised that your prostate cancer is classified as "High Risk" or after previous treatment has returned, or if your PSA levels are rising after your primary treatment has been completed, you have come to the right place - we can help.


Our Director

Gary M. Onik, MD, the Director of the Center, is a world renowned medical pioneer in the treatment of prostate cancer.  To see his extensive credentials click professional background .

Our Patients with Recurrence

We know that a rising PSA after radiation indicates a recurrence of prostate cancer. There are 45,000 new patients each year in the U.S. who are faced with this dilemma after having radiation therapy, and to make matters worse independent studies1 have shown that this is an epidemic that is being  "largely mismanaged" 2.

Almost all of the patients in this situation who are actively treated, that is about 30,000 men each year, are chemically castrated using a variety of medications, even though chemical castration is not a cure for these patients and has many negative health and lifestyle consequences.3 

Meanwhile, we know that many of these patients are still potentially "curable" by locating and destroying the recurrent cancer remaining in the prostate. This is our challenge every day for every patient.

If you or someone you love has a rising PSA, or has been placed on hormone ablation therapy (chemical castration) after radiation for recurrent prostate cancer, there is now hope that a cure is still possible.

Our Newly Diagnosed High-Risk Patients

If you are not facing the challenge of Recurrent Prostate Cancer, but instead have a new diagnosis of Prostate Cancer that has been classified as "High Risk", the methods and techniques that we employ are designed and proven to offer you the best possible chance for a successful outcome (see study), with the lowest risks of adverse quality of life impacts.  In fact, we believe that targeted Focal Cryo-ablation offers you an even more compelling choice, because it carries the lowest risk that you may one day have such a recurrence - and that is a tremendous advantage indeed. 

Why Come To Our Center For Your Care?

As with all of these advanced ablation modalities, their highest efficacy can only be achieved when used by a physician with a true mastery of the technology and its techniques.

Dr. Onik is one of the most experienced physicians
in the world using image guided tumor ablation, and employing the broadest range of ablation modalities. His experience in tumor ablation spans nearly 30 years, and covers the entire field of focal tumor ablation, not just as the treating physician, but often as the original inventor of the techniques and patented technologies.

He is the original inventor of image guided tumor ablation having treated the very first liver cancer patients using cryoablation beginning in 1985, and ultimately publishing his pioneering work on 
Cryosurgery of Liver Cancer
in 1993.

He is the
original inventor of prostate cryoablation, which was approved for use by Medicare for radiation recurrent prostate cancer in 2001.  His groundbreaking work was featured on  ABC News - Good Morning America,  in July 2001, and his contributions to this critical field in prostate cancer therapy have been recognized and honored around the world, as far as  Bejing.

He is the originator of the concept of “focal therapy” for prostate cancer in which only the prostate tumor is treated instead of the whole gland, described well in  
WebMD History and professional press releases.  He is the recognized creator of  The Male Lumpectomy
 for prostate cancer,  and he literally wrote the Book on the subject.

Our Approach Uses All Available Targeted Focal Therapies

Using the latest 
image guided tumor ablation therapy, it is now possible to treat cancer recurrence after radiation therapy with a minimal chance of complications. This allows a patient to stop hormonal therapy, with its debilitating side effects, and to resume a normal life.  Moreover, we can use the choice of therapy that best meets your unique circumstances and medical conditions.

Our process is simple and direct.  F
irst, by 
using advanced imaging and biopsy techniques, we find and identify the target cancers that have recurred.  Second, using the results of your imaging and biopsy studies, we consult with you to select the best treatment modality for your particular unique medical case and needs. Then, at the time of treatment, we use all of the imaging and medical data to guide and apply the most advanced local ablation techniques for destruction of your tumors.  This video link will show you more.

His most recent contribution to the field of cancer treatment has been as the physician-inventor, and original patent holder, of the first of its kind non-thermal tumor ablation modality called “
Irreversible Electroporation”, or IRE.

IRE has been medically available as the
Nanoknife ® since 2010. Because it is a "non-thermal" modality, IRE can spare normal structures such as nerves and vessels, thereby decreasing the complications associated with cancer treatment. This powerful new technology, which holds great promise for new therapies for many cancers, is being used in some of the world's most prominent cancer centers.
As the inventor of IRE for cancer therapy, it is the simple truth that Dr. Onik is the most knowledgeable and skilled physician in its use in the world.

Drawing on this immense background of experience and expertise, we can help you by employing all of these important prostate cancer ablation modalities in our mission:

To provide you with the best possible treatment of your High Risk or Recurrent Prostate Cancer.




1. Agarwal P.K., Sadetsky A. and Carroll P.R. et. al. Treatment Failure After Primary and Salvage Therapy for Prostate Cancer. Likelihood, Patterns of Care and Outcomes. CANCER 2008;2: 307-314. 

2.Jones J.S. Radiorecurrent Prostate Cancer: An Emerging and Largely Mismanaged Epidemic, .Eur Urol 2011, 411-412.

3. Grossfeld G.D., Li Y.P. and Carroll P.R. Predictors of Secondary Cancer Treatment in Patients Receiving Local Therapy for Prostate Cancer. Data from Cancer of the Prostate Strategic Urologic Research Endeavour. J Uro 2002; 116:5226-34.



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