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Long-Term Results of Optimized Focal Therapy for Prostate Cancer
3D Mapping Biopsy Has Significant Impact on Prostate Cancer Management
Male Lumpectomy: Focal Therapy Is The Future Of Prostate Cancer Treatment
Irreversible Electroporation: Implications for Prostate Ablation
Radiorecurrent Prostate Cancer: An Emerging and Largely Mismanaged Epidemic
Video Library
Video Library

Click on an image below to watch Dr. Onik explain critical parts of his approach to Focal Cryoablation (some videos may require Adobe Flashplayer)

SIR 2009 3D PMB Presentaion In this video, Dr Onik presents his extensive data demonstrating that the 3D Transperineal Prostate Mapping Biopsy is crucial to accurately finding a patients cancer, properly grading the results of the biopsy and providing essential information to allow the best possible approach to treating the patient.  
Captured live, you can watch as he details his methods at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society of Interventional Radiologists, on March 7, 2009. The years since have proven the long-term efficacy of his approach in helping even the most serious cases of High Risk and Recurrent cancer. 

This marquee presentation heralded the end of the TRUS Biopsy as a reliable basis for treatment, and proved the need for 3D Transperineal Mapping Biopsy in Prostate Cancer Management.  (Please Note - as a professional presentation some images are graphically accurate).
 Results VideoMD Here Dr. Onik discusses the outcomes that have resulted from his techniques, and since this video was recorded he has published his results showing even longer term success for his patients.
 Male Lumpectomy VideoMD This Video explains the Male Lumpectomy as it was conceived and created by Dr. Onik.

It describes how he performs this important procedure, and why it can be used to destroy only the cancerous tissue, but avoid having to remove the entire prostate gland, which is something that cannot be done by any other surgical or robotic surgical method of prostatectomy. 

This fact alone explains why many of Dr. Onik's patients maintain their normal pre-operative sexual function, instead of losing the ability to produce seminal fluid, which is an unavoidable result of any radical prostatectomy.  For many men this is a critical consideration, and their long term results are now proven to be better than men who opted for radical treatment or radiation.
Here Dr. Onik, himself a board certified Rdiologist, explains the difficulties and limitations inherent in the use of any form of radiation to treat Prostate Cancer.
 High PSA Thumbnail

When your PSA test results are elevated it is important information that must be carefully evaluated. Hear Dr. Onik explain why as he describes the role that PSA can and should play in your treatment. 

 Robotic Thumbnail Dr. Onik describes the very serious shortcomings of Robotic Radical Prostatectomy. It is less invasive than traditional surgical methods, but it has the same serious risks of failure, incontinence, loss of sexual function and other morbidity, as he explains here.
 Stage PCA Thumbnail Dr. Onk discusses the factors that effect staging.
  Your results have come back and you have questions, choices and decisions to make. Here Dr. Onik offers guidance as you consider your options.
 After Diagnosis Thumbnail You learn that you have prostate cancer, it is always difficult to hear those words, but in this video Dr. Onik offers insight on things to consider after being diagnosed



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