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For Our Patients with Recurrence

Radiation-recurrent prostate cancer is a deadly disease and hormonal therapy (chemical castration), which is associated with many debilitating side effects, is a delaying technique, but is not a potential cure.

Because of extensive changes caused by radiation treatment to the prostate region, it is widely recognized among physicians that radical prostatectomy is not usually a reasonable treatment option for men with reccurence of prostate cancer after any form of radiation therapy.

Instead, Radiation-recurrent prostate cancer presents uniquely individualized challenges and requires very carefully targeted directly focused treatment if residual cancer is found in the prostate.



This focal treatment should be carried out in a way that exposes the patient to the lowest risk of complications.



This requires finding the exact location and extent of cancer within the patient's prostate, and then treating only the cancerous area. This concept is called “focal therapy” or “Male Lumpectomy”, which Dr. Onik invented.  

We have demonstrated that the only way to reliably stage radiation-recurrent prostate cancer is to carry out a 
3D Prostate Mapping Biopsy, which locates the exact location and extent of cancer ensuring the safest and best treatment.

If you are told that an MRI is all you need in order  to stage your radiation-recurrent prostate cancer and guide your treatment, IT IS NOT TRUE.

While we hope that in the future MRI imaging might be useful in guiding this approach, at present it has been shown to miss over 20% of significant tumors in the prostate and has not been validated at all in regard to radiation-recurrent prostate cancer. 

There are number of different ways to destroy the cancerous tissue, cryoablation (freezing), HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) and IRE (Irreversible Electroporation). All of these modalities are available through our Center, each having its advantages in certain situations. However, the modality used is not as important as knowing the exact location and extent of a patient's cancer to properly target it without causing damage to adjacent tissue and structures.


For Our Newly Diagnosed High-Risk Patients

We have now demonstrated that our approach to your treatment provides the best chance for long term freedom from recurrence of disease when compared to radical prostatectomy, and does so using the least invasive medical approach with the lowest incidence of post-treatment incontinence and the greatest chance for protecting and preserving your sexual function.

We know from our years of experience that our out-patient treatment methods involve much less post-treatment discomfort and more rapid return to normal activities without impairment, than any other therapeutic option.

Ethical Practice of Medicine

Our most fundamental concept is that we are practicing medicine for each of our patients one patient at a time, not as a group, not as a member of a clinical trial or investigation, not in support of any one machine or technology, but as one patient who needs the very best help we can offer - including referral to others for your care if that is best for you.

A very important factor at the heart of our philosophy is "medical independence" -  that is the freedom of your physician to consult with you, and the rest of your medical team, to utilize whatever techniques and technologies will best serve your medical interest, without conflicting influences, external support or pressures, or constraints from outside sources.

As a patient at our Center your best medical interests are our only concern.


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